Meet Pip.

Private Instant Payments.

While you make instant payments, Pip keeps your personal data private and safe.

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  1. Click on the iPhone to begin.*
  2. Open the Pip Payments app.
  3. If you get stuck, follow prompts.
  4. At the end, leave feedback please! 🙌

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What are Private Instant Payments?

🛒 One-Click Checkouts

Instant payments are the new standard. Pip works seamlessly with popular web browsers.

👛 Any Payment Method

Pip is a digital wallet that plays nicely with credit cards, payment apps and even crypto.

💵 No Personal Data

Pip ensures your chosen payment method’s privacy isn’t compromised at the checkout. Just like spending cash in the real world.

🙅 No Account Sign Up. No Spam.

Your pseudonymous email and phone number work as normal, but information is encrypted and stored on your device. Never on our servers.

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The growing threat

Your personal data is valuable. But it gets treated like it’s not.

According to there were 3, 353, 172, 708 data records compromised in the first half of 2018 alone. Alarmingly, 65% pertained to identity theft and less than 3% of breaches were ‘secure breaches’ where encryption rendered the stolen data useless.


Records breached


Identity theft



People choose convenience over privacy. We're making privacy
the more convenient choice.

Joshua MarriageCo-Founder
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Where privacy is convenience.